Philips Questionnaire

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome

The Philps questionnaire determines on the basis of a series of 23 simple questions, the risk of sleep apnea. After completing the questions you get immediate results. If you fill in your email address you will receive your answers and the results by e-mail. You can then print these results and take them to your doctor. Your doctor can then assess on the basis of this result whether additional examinations are desirable. This questionnaire only gives a reliable indication of whether you have a risk of sleep apnea, the diagnosis can only be made after further investigation.

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About this questionnaire

This questionnaire was made available by the Research Foundation Apnea and the questionnaire was developed by a partnership of the Medical Spectrum Twente, Universiy of Twente, the Sleep Apnea Association, HumanCapitalCare and Philips. The questionnaire has been scientifically tested and validated. If you have any questions about this questionnaire, scoring or validation if you want a license for the use of this questionnaire, please check information and contact.